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Exchange of Good Practices for Food Waste Prevention and Recycle as an opportunity for Social and Intercultural Inclusion

"Food for Inclusion" is a Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ Project for Exchange of Good Practices.

It's a 2 year project between organizations from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Hungary.

The reduction of food losses and waste is now presented by every Institution as essential to improve food security, to reduce the environmental footprint of food systems and to fight against food diseases. On the other hand, food can be a vehicle of inclusion among different identities at various level: blending of food culture could foster new approaches to the use of food waste and create opportunities of increase level of social, economic and cultural inclusion.

The project consists of an exchange of good practices among the organizations involved, to implement several activities to support adult learners, coming from marginalized communities, promoting their social inclusion. The strategy adopted will be a non-formal educational approach as a practice of involvement and participation, to convey and encourage a critical approach to reflection and active citizenship, about themes such as food, food waste, food resources, poverty, etc.. To achieve this, it will be necessary to improve facilitators' practice about non-formal methodologies and introduce some innovative approaches. 

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